Daily reflection

by Anthony Wood 22 Jan, 2018

The Gospel is the Good News. What’s good about it? It’s that God loves us.

God loves me, this means that my life has meaning even when – in human terms – I can’t see it. I may not understand it, not see meaning in my life, but this meaning is there, because the Father loves me. His love gives meaning to my life.

God loves me, this means that beside me there is always Someone, who I belong to, who cares about my good, true goodness. god loves me, this means that nothing and no one can stop me being loved. This cannot be done even by the greatest evil of my actions, thoughts or neglect.

I am able to not love God, I can turn from Him, but even this will not destroy His love toward me. I am, I exist, and this why He loves me and wants to give me life.

This is an immense mystery and even Jesus could not manage to convince all people of this. However, happy are those who believe in the Gospel.


God, you penetrate and know me, You know when I lie down and when I rise, and You read from afar my thoughts. From all sides You embrace me and place Your hand on me. I will praise You because have accomplished mighty wonders in my life.

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